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BlingBling Diamond / Gem Styling Tool Set For Girl Hair Style (Round Diamond Included) Blinger Compatible Party Celebration Glam Tools Glam Tools 闪亮钻石魔发师
Price RM25.00 - RM30.00
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  • Basic - 75 diamonds glam styling tool set
  • Premium - 180 diamond glam styling tool set

BlingBling is the new Glam Styling Tool that allows you to Load, Click, BLING – Hair, Fashion ANYTHING! Unboxing BlingBling to surprise your love one with a Glam Styling Tool.

BlingBling makes it easy for you to glam it up and add sparkle to your life. It’s totally safe and easy to use.  BlingBling is the ideal gift for kid/teenager/girl for any occasion or event such as Christmas, birthday, etc. Every girl is a princess for someone. Every girl has a princess's dream. Surprise your love one with this bling-bling diamond styling tool.

Available options:

  1. Premium Set : include the Glam Styling Tool and 180 Diamonds. Diamonds have 4 colours (White, Pink, Blue, Purple), 3 sizes for each colour (Tool label in English with English operating manual)
  2. Basic Set : include the Glam Styling Tool and 75 Diamonds. 5 colours (White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow), 1 size for each colour (Tool label in Chinese with English operating manual) 

1. The handle can be opened when facing large objects (the opening of the handle cannot exceed 180 °)
2. Small items can be clamped with handle
3. Decorate the hair with diamonds.


What's in the box

Glam Styling Tool

Refillable Diamond

Operating Manual