Stanley Glue Shot Gun 40W 69-GR20B
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Brand Stanley
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  • Heats up quickly making it ideal for arts and crafts
  • Bonds in 60 seconds
  • Standard hot-melt dual temperature glue sticks required
  • Small Portable size for quick gluing jobs in tight space.
  • Trigger Feed Mechanism controls glue flow.
  • Users standard mini hot melt sticks.
  • Fold out Stand for safe handy storage while in use.
  1. For craft activities at home where you need to stick parts of a project, toy or electrical instruments, the Stanley Glue Gun 69-GR20B is at your rescue.


    This glue gun from Stanley comes in a quality design for delivering reliable performance.

    Trigger Feed Mechanism

    The trigger feed mechanism of the device allows users to control the application of glue with ease.

    Quick Heating

    The glue stick does not take much time to heat up with this device and does not waste much time. The glue also bonds quickly within 60 seconds of application.

    Safety Stand

    Use the safety stand of the device to prevent from accidents while using the tool.

    Round Pin

    The tool uses a round pin head and utilizes a power of 100-240 Volts.


    -Assembling parts and repairing toys

    -Fix pieces or wires of electronic devices


  2. Dimensions

Width - 180 mm

Height - 275 mm

Depth - 40 mm

Weight - 287 g



What's in the box

1 piece Stanley Original Heavy Duty Hot Glue Shot Gun 40W 69-GR20B